sand supper

We enjoyed the last few minutes of our evening in Mauritania by stopping for a roadside picnic on the sand dunes. This is an amazing landscape to see and walk across, but one I’m very happy to not live in. Our 1000km days came to an end, but due to the long border crossing and sluggish lunch it was after midnight before we pulled off the road.


sandy scenery  

The landscape of Western Sahara could maybe best be described as stark. There were a few glimpses of beauty in the 16 hours of driving – the cliffs down to the ocean, herds of camels, and picturesque sand dunes. We stopped an hour shy of the border and we’ll get up early to cover that distance as the light comes up.

distances in the dark  

 been having a great time in Morocco, but a short glance at the map shows that we’re a long way from the southern border that we need to cross in the near future. We put on just shy of 1000km and yet still have more than that to go tomorrow! Thankfully the van is running like a dream unlike some of the crazy loads and precarious situations we’ve seen on the road.

fascinating Fes

Despite all of the touristic hassling (‘fish and chips’ shouts one man to get our attention), the old city of Fes and especially the tanneries are very interesting. We wandered around and eventually wandered out and up to a beautiful mountain village where we ate a delicious home cooked meal and slept peacefully in a room with a wood stove.

Roman ruins  

One of today’s surprises, besides discovering that yesterday’s late night roadside parking was in a beautiful location surrounded by mountains, was visiting our second UNESCO site in as many days – an amazing ruin of a couple thousand year old Roman city. On top of that was a fascinating stroll through the market and old city of Meknes followed by a good and relaxing meal. And lots of cups of sweet mint tea in between all activities.

bountiful beauty 

We took in an amazing amount of beauty, culture, and history today in southern Spain! From the intricate wall carvings and exquisite gardens at the Alhambra to the amazing ravines and bridge in Ronda to watching the rock of Gibraltar fade into​ the dark as we crossed over into Africa – it was a splendid day.

predawn pastries 

Our day started at a small cafe in a quaint little French town, took us through some beautiful mountains and lots of snow, and ended on the side of a small mountain road above Granada, Spain. The scenery, the snacks, the traveling companions, the 1000kms in a smooth vehicle -all great!