tree training 

Although we missed our nine o’clock starting time by a couple of hours, the tree and tree planting sensitization program went well. Near to about 250 people showed up and in between the speeches and recognition of successful tree planters, we had a lot of fun playing tree based games. The final activity after the meal and videos was planting a tree in honor of our friend and leader, Ba Yusuf, who just passed away.


puffy pizza 

I rushed back from our planning for tomorrow’s tree program to catch the family eating bread pizza. It was just yesterday that I found out that the program will be tomorrow and already the t-shirts are being printed and we’re putting final agenda details together. Looks like it will be a go as long as it doesn’t rain tonight.

lotsa leaves 

We stopped by the HoB on our way (circuitous) to spend some time with our colleagues on the other side of the border. After a quick and hot lunch downtown, we came and filled the back of the LandRover and a big bag with yard rakings to take away.

sketchy scaffolding 

It was necessary to fix up some sort of scaffolding to secure the last row of roofing sheets on the newest roof in the village. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to take a picture of my freebie hat involved in work familiar to the company it’s advertising and so asked Asaph to run home and get it and snap a couple of pics to send back to MN.

grand grave 

When the phone rang at 4am, I suspected it was bad news about my toma. By 7am about 40 of us were digging his grave – an elaborate style done mostly for important and revered people. I’ve never been more involved and more emotionally impacted at a funeral​ – I’m really going to miss this amazing man.

moving sermon 

My Sunday morning bus ride to the coast was relaxing and refreshing. It included a video preach from 5 years back that I’ve been meaning to watch. Some of which I directly applied in the three hour meeting that I found at the other end of the journey.